Great relationships start with memorable conversations

Providing bots with addictive conversational skills

We all enjoy talking to friends
Should bots be different?

What if your bot could...

Have great things to say

Who likes friends with nothing to say?

Adapt to personality traits

What's exciting and amusing to one person can be improper for the next

Adapt to culture

Would a Japanese woman and a Mexican teenager enjoy the same conversation?

Be in the mood

Entertain and comfort people

A good laugh and kind messages can go a long way

Get to know users

Personal conversations allow relevant questions to emerge

Make helpful suggestions

Help users find ideas, resources, poems, services, products, people, places or new interests

Your bot could be a

  • Guide   Help navigate a new environment through narratives and resources
  • Companion   Provide support. Asks questions. Makes suggestions.
  • Coach   Help reach goals through nudges, routines, tips and follow-ups
  • Entertainer   Promote the fun side of things through information and stories
  • Brand representative   Communicate values, stories and news
  • Adviser   Make relevant questions and answers emerge. Advise. Sell.

How do we do it?

We have created a unique database of messages used by 1,000,000 app users around the world. Our machine learning environment analyses how those users communicate feelings and intents by using those carefully crafted message ideas. We then assemble the messages into conversations that match a user's communication style, personality traits, mood and interests

In other words, we start with content from talented authors, see how people use it all over the world, and provide that knowledge to your bot. It’s like writing lines, dialogs and scenarios for a movie that adapts to personality traits and context using machine learning.

The result is simple: non boring bots (at last).
For all messaging platforms, and as native chatbots for Android and iOS.